Billionaire's Quartet Of Business Bullets

Glad to read a portrait of Lloyd Dorfman in the FT last week whilst early for an appointment at a client.  He founded Travelex as a single bureau de change 32 years ago, and in 05 sold 57% of his stake for over £1bn.  Most reps I know love such people, and try to model some of their behaviour.  So, here are the four points he feels predicate success:

  1. be persistent – don’t take no for an answer
  2. stick to what you know and who you know – by and large you should stay out of trouble.
  3. conventional thinking will only ever produce conventional results
  4. self-belief – through any business life there will be moments, however many business advisers you have around you, when the next challenge could be quite daunting, and you have to have self-belief to be up for that challenge

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