Approaching A New Prospect Pool

I’ve just had to let one of my boiler-roomers go.  No need to feel too sympathetic, the hit-rate for young bucks isn’t great I know, although no-one likes a mercy-killing.  It’s always surprised me how initial enthusiasm can wane when another idea enters someone’s head.  And annoyed me when the work-ethic promised at interview never materialises in reality.  Still, this presents me with an opportunity.  A final task I got finished before the guillotine dropped was all about identifying prospects for a new service we’re just about to launch. 

I now have 100 businesses, fully qualified, to approach with this service.  Clearly, the thing to do is send something through before getting them called, by way of intro.  Of course, the impact on first communication is traditionally close to zero, but it remains a good idea especially if you replicate and evolve regularly.

So I got to thinking about what I should be sending.  I’d written the blurb for the website sometime ago.  It’s typically vague and enticing (I hope!) so isn’t really apt for this kind of comms.  Google gave me very little else to go on.  Although I did find this page, americanly-entitled on ‘potential customer communication areas’.

What I liked about it was the middle bullet – “What issues do our customers wrestle with that cause them to investigate or buy our products? What are their three key issues?”

As I’m partly selling here the benefits of improved communications around sales teams, it prompts me to go back to basics and run with a concept like:

“what would better communication ’round your sales force bring you”

I’ll refine and evolve this thought tomorrow…..

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