Quick Win Enabled

I often come across a nasty objection, which is basically “I’m new in the role, call me in six months”.  Talking with a pal of mine last night over a cheeky pint, he’d encountered something similar.

He works for HP, who have a £30m a year customer in bankers Lloyds TSB.  They’ve just got a new senior IT bod; an Aussie who’s boss is ‘Darryl’.  The newbie didn’t want to talk to HP, and during a 30-minute meeting, convened at his boss’ behest for half-eight on a Monday morning (!) basically said ‘sod you’ to HP.

HP’s team stood their ground and went down the ‘we can really help you get your new plans in so much easier and quicker angle’.  With a few harsh words either side, there now seems consensus, so the result for reps in general is maybe don’t be afraid to say it how it is……

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