Your Own Little Presentation Helper

By fluke I came across a site called Presentation Helper, which has a fella talking about his 10, 20, 30 message on Powerpoint presentations.  It’s got cracking insight, as he’s a bloke that’s clearly suffered several useless pitches for venture capital.

What got me thinking, is firstly, that I’ve not delivered a powerpoint for literally years, and even then it was at the behest of a client as part of their own sales conference.  So, what has a site called Presentation Helper really got to offer?

Well, surprisingly, it is precisely because it isn’t solely focused on sales people’s needs that it’s got something to offer, and I’d certainly recommend a 10-minute delve over a coffee.

On the subject of Powerpoint prezzies, I would actually say ‘avoid’ wherever possible.  Think of all your favourite orators.  Like him or loath him, Blair’s pretty good.  Before him, the man Blair evolved from, Heseltine, was a belter.  Away from politics, several other examples exist.  Think Michael O’Leary or Dickie Branson press conferences, what about Stephen Fry’s Bafta-awards hostings.  And none of them ever use visual aids.  So why should you?

If you know your stuff, are passionate about it, and genuine about your audience, simply create the right structure, and get up and speak.  No slides necessary.

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