Is Cold Calling Beneath You?

I’ve done a couple of meetings with a 3-rep business recently that’ll never buy from us, eventhough they’d really benefit from my services.  They were the first entrant into the English search engine optimisation arena a decade ago.

Last time out I met the MD, fresh from his boozy late lunch (yes, they obviously still take place in this day and age!), who was clearly an authority on his subject matter.  I found him engaging and credible.

This time ’round, two lieutenants met me and were intially more interested in (futile) tie-up discussions.  When we moved onto how I could help them then and there, one of them came out with a stunner; their few salespeople appear accomplished, yet are in their 30s so feel that cold-calling is beneath them.

I found this amazing.  How can something that could make you set for life be ‘beneath’ anybody?  If you wanna make serious money at anything, you gotta put the hard yards in, and that includes picking up the phone and reaching people that don’t necessarily want to talk to you that moment.

Quality reps must surely know this?  And whenever you look at your funnel, just ask yourself, ‘how much better would this be with a couple more prospects on it…?’

In addition, if you have a kind of role model, typically a successful business person, then ask yourself ‘would they not bother picking up the phone?’, ‘cos the answer is they would, so why don’t you and stop being a loser?!

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