Architecture Award Winning Virtual Backgrounds

The World Architecture Awards garner decent publicity at this time of year.

Promo shots by the proud winning designers are grateful feed fodder.

For 2021’s roll call, I note a trio of duly garlanded that can be used as a cheeky virtual background on one of our video calls around the festive season (and maybe beyond). Probably best suited to where you know your participants well, in an informal or perhaps internal setting.

The pic up top is from a new KL headquarters building A minimalist entry catching the judges eyes for being decluttered of the normal office building lobby paraphernalia. Give it a few months, hey.

Then from Sydney comes this winner for repurposing an old industrial unit into an office. Shaped like old hangar sheds, Now a series of meeting spots.

Thirdly, winning for best use of natural light, this cancer patient centre in Leeds also leaves an impression.

If using office interiors as zoomscapes is your thing, there’s plenty of sites devoted to providing options.

Among them officesnapshots with offerings from around the world. Here included with the link to their London pages to get you started.

As a footnote, part of Google HQ in Mountain View won in the education category. Although given the pictures, as groovy as the space looks, it is tricky to see how. One element in particular got me wondering about this. The roll of flip-chart style paper shown below. As I’ve used something like this myself. Many years ago. And I lament to report it turned into a bit of disaster. Despite the clamp-type rod at the bottom, the paper slips as you write on it. And you end up with marker pen – which cannot always be easily wiped off – spilled off the edges onto the wall itself. I’m sure these issues may not be insurmountable, but… It does make you wonder about your own meeting room dawbing set-up though.

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