The Similarities Between The Perfect Job & Perfect Prospect

An industrial fixtures and fittings company gained media coverage in England recently from their PR on ‘the perfect job’.

Their survey (of 2,000) found the following attributes most idyllic; £44k salary (1½-times the nation’s average wage), 4-day week, 29 days leave (& birthday day off), commute of 16-20mins, free refreshments, causal dress code, record of individual training investment and a boss you could go for a pint with.

Good luck with all that.

Of the selling-related points that occurred to me from this, was how reports of these were skewed towards the demographic. Those numbers defining attractiveness. Then next came the geographics, as derived from location and proximity.

It’s worth noting that many a B2B segmentation approach stops at these pair. The combination of which is often termed firmographics.

On which, I’ve had a number of initially painful conversations with sales and exec leadership down the years.

It crops up when asking, ‘what’s your ideal customer?’

A list of firmographics flow forth.

Figures relating to size, attributes relating to territory.

Yet rarely in my experience are these the decisive reveal of such an ‘ideal’.

First off, I prefer the wording, ‘ideal prospect’.

Second, to neglect their values is to miss a huge opportunity.

The broad category is known as psychographics.

I’ve blogged plenty on this as the AIO. A company’s attitudes, interests and opinions.

They offer such greater insight into their potential for buying from you it is scary.

The above ‘job’ profile samples options. Personal development ethos, business conduct and sociability among three.

Think of it this way. Buying from you, your company, taking up your product or service, requires a certain type of mindset.

How does it manifest itself in those who have either bought from you already, or you think are ripe for it anew?

Taking the ‘job’ examples here; are they spending money in a similar vibe to your proposal, is how they are doing business aligned with what you unleash, do you both think along similar lines?

Each and more such like can be identified.

From how they buy, what they buy, how they sell, what they sell, strategic direction, tactical preferences, structural approach, organisational focus.

There will be a profile that when in place, practically guarantees they will be your perfect prospect.

(In turn – remembering that procurement behaviour is not necessarily the prime indicator of how they will use your marvel, although often is – becoming your perfect customer).

To know it, is to win. Win again, And keep winning.

How are you tracking it all?

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