Are You A Genuine Fiat Lux-er?

Fiat Lux. Literal Latin translation; let there be light.

I got into such phrases during a chat with an IT geek (or should that nowadays rather be IT expert?) talking about being an enigmatologist. This (apparently from the old Greek word ainigma), means “someone who studies and writes mathematical, word or logic puzzles”. Online you come across strange synonyms, such as metagrobology.

I naturally wondered what fancy -ology could describe solution sales people.

We’re certainly puzzle solvers. And we seek to improve the lot of our clients. A relevant Latin word may well be amplexus. The laser-focused pursuit of improvement could perhaps mean you are ampliopathic?

And what about the need to change. Novare, to change, Novo, I change are candidates as new word stems. Then there’s always the standard phrase ‘change for the better’, which uses a word for change we know today as mutate, melius mutari.

Or you could be simple and stick to easily understood English. Say, be a solvopath. As in you strive to solve things. Bit like a superhero. Although that does introduce a whole different avenue…as I always fancied myself as a caped troubleshooter (!)

Fiat lux arose as I thought we aim to shine light where currently there lurks only darkness.

Anyway, a silly bit of pub banter, for sure, yet I thought there was a serious message within.

If you could coin such a word to encapsulate what you and your team are trying to do, then you’ll be onto a winning piece of sales culture engineering.

It needn’t be at the heart of how you wish to change the world, but so long as it respects the fact that your clients’ genuine betterment is paramount, then you could well be onto something worthy. After all, to misquote a famous British telly ad, ‘everyone needs an ology‘…

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