Have You 13 Shades Of Black Like Rolls-Royce?

Not that they need bloggers posting about their latest new model.

Rolls-Royce are launching a major new car. Going retro for an update on their 1952 classic, Dawn.

Plenty of free publicity accompanies such plans.

One such gushing piece filmed inside their Southern English factory in Goodwood. Perhaps craftshop is a more apt label. A vast robot and noise free hangar with artists sculpting from the finest leathers and woods imaginable.

Sadly the vast majority of Roller owners have zero taste.

Style totally absent. Overlooked for gaudy, ostentatious statements of supposed glamour. Bellowing egos with quirky yet tacky customisation.

What struck me was the discussion of colour.

For Rolls-Royce offer 13 shades of black.

I caught the names of three of these.

Diamond Black. Midnight Sapphire Black. Autumn Mystery Black.

That last one nicknamed Autumn Misery Black by the painters, as it’s notoriously difficult to get right.

A quick surf reveals possible names of others.

Darkest Tungsten. Ebony Metallic. Black Emerald. Black Kirsch. Mason’s Black.

Black is renowned as being the car of the super-rich’s most potent colour.

So what strikes the Sales pulse, is that rather than promote one solitary option, they have somehow created thirteen.

Yet another level of luxury.

Many price lists and product catalogues will try to leverage the impact of having a premium, all-in top-notch selection. Costing way in excess of the rest.

Does yours?

And if so, is that choice an orphan? Or is it accompanied by – whilst perhaps not a dozen more – at least an allure-raising extra option or three?

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