Are You Heralding Your Launch Like Facebook Did?


Let’s hope not, hey.

So it seems Facebook turns ten years old today. As this screengrab whizzes around cyberspace today to record. It’s apparently their first ever logon page.

The exception that proves the rule? A quick examination of the strapline;

“…an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges”

As dull as a day without Facebook, for those sadly addicted.

No sizzle. Hardly any sausage, either.

In old school terms, Marketing 101 even, it’s merely ‘feature’ and ‘function’.

There’s no hint at any benefit. Nothing about the insane value users could hope to reap. A total absence of how lives would be changed, problems consigned to history, opportunities unimaginable now opened up.

Someone tell me this didn’t take off, right? Oh. Maybe not. This was their message on their homepage today;

Our 10th birthday only happened because of all your friendships, stories and memories along the way. Thank you.

At least their messaging has also grown up. Yours can too.

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