How To Visualise Like Superbowl Winning Quarterback

Okay, so the Americans focus on some ridiculous sports. I’ve been to both baseball and American football games live. What a waste of time. There’s a reason why proper football, and to a lesser extent rugby, charms the rest of the entire globe. Then again, I’m a man that considers cricket the ultimate summer sport. One day, it shall conquer, right?!

So it seems they had their annual decider this weekend. We can surely only be thankful that it’s not called The Universe Bowl.

Unfortunately this fact did not escape me as I had tuned into CNN.

A team from Seattle have a quarterback (whatever that is) called Russell Wilson.

He seems a man that triumphs against the odds. Under the typical height thought apt by a good few inches (at ‘only’ 5-11) and almost unwanted when originally picked up two years ago, he has a trick up his sleeve.

It appears he’s massively embraced visualisation.

In his first year on the job, he went to the Superbowl last year.

He spoke about it with laser precision.

Going to all the build up events, press conferences, then being in and around pitchside for the warm-up, anthems, start, extended half-time and general ramp-it-up-a-notch razzmatazz.

He soaked it all in. There was no chance of him being distracted if his chance ever came.

One year on, here was his time.

I know from my own experience of finals, they really are ‘different’. Most recently, I witnessed first hand how South Africa’s Currie Cup final erupts like no other rugby match.

This chap already knew that. He was ready. And the result went his way. In a drubbing.

I realise not everyone is a fan of visualisation. Yet there’s more to just that to this approach here.

If you take possibly the closest event we have to this type of end of season showdown, it’s probably the ‘final presentation’.

At the very least, have you ever been in the room that’ll be used?

How did you rehearsal go? Where was it? (What rugby union calls ‘the captain’s run’)

What happens in the build up?

An overwhelming proportion of salespeople rely on the ‘turn up and wing it’ approach. Russell Wilson shows how champions think differently.

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