Are You Mapping Your Deal Coverage?

mapbox asia 400x285

The world watches on with jaw dropping ever lower. Where is the missing plane? What happened to it? How you feel for the families and friends of those aboard…

Mapbox are a company who’s map of which satellites can cover what part of the search area has garnered much airtime.

What is startling is how many gaps there appear to be. Do I blame Hollywood? Why is my expectation that an orbiting spycam can read the serial number off a banknote anywhere outdoors on earth?

The close-up of the initial area of interest clearly shows the extent of blindspots.

mapbox malaysia 400x284

It reminds me of any complex sale. We can often think we’ve seen inside each office. Peered down every corridor. Know how any and all actors feel about our precious project.

How accurate is this view? Do we have gaps in our coverage, just like the supposed might of all mankind’s combined satellites?

Are we properly mapping where we have seen? Are we filling in those blanks in our knowledge?

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