Are You Ready For Episelling?

I came across the field of epigenetics. My initial discovery came courtesy of a pop-science author whose huge seller 13 things that don’t make sense I read way back in 2010. Michael Brooks’ latest tome is The Edge of Uncertainty: 11 Discoveries Taking Science by Surprise.

We seem to be moving on from genius Richard Dawkins’ ‘selfish gene’. Now talk is of our ’social gene’. Rather than our bodies being mere survival capsules for ᴅɴᴀ, genes react to their environs. The current thinking appears that certain events can shape how a gene works. Outside stimuli change ᴅɴᴀ. To a non-scientist, it sounds roughly like when non-genetic information becomes inheritable.

I found myself thinking on this notion of surrounding events.

Then I wondered as to the word’s etymology. Cue Wikipedia;

The prefix epi … is derived from the Greek preposition ἐπί meaning:
above, on, over, nearby, upon; outer; besides, in addition to; among; attached to; or toward.

Combining these two thoughts, I realised that many a Sales effort is hamstrung before it begins. They may have in place ‘what’ you need to succeed, but not ‘how’ it’ll be helped along to truly happen.

The skeletal ᴅɴᴀ may be present, but what makes it switch on sadly absent.

You often see a decent product set, structured management, pre- and post-Sales support, a degree of market education and encouragement. Yet you less often encounter a process mentality, a genuine desire to evolve selling or adaptation inherent as a driving force.

Put this together, and it’s clear that we shouldn’t just think about running a selling effort, but all our episelling activities.

Is it now time to forget Sales 2.0, and embrace epiSales? It could well be, and if so, then how do you stack up if this is indeed the winning future?


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