Which Three Words Do You Seek

What a good World Cup. Away from the most watchable of footie, PR opps abound. One such chance was duly grabbed by Cambridge University Press.

They analysed the Anglosphere for musings on each team and came up with the top three words used to describe each outfit’s efforts.

Some of the results are uncannily revealing. Runners-up Argentina are confident with flair and yet also unconvincing. Deserved champions Germany powerful, focused and committed.

As for the disgracefully over-hyped hosts, the planet’s commentors are eerily spot-on with emotional, popular, desperate.

Which naturally got me thinking. Which three words would we like to hear prospects use to describe us? Or our company? Or product?

I sense there may somewhere be a worrying disconnect between what we hope is said, and what is actually muttered beyond our earshot

Even so, there seems scope for asking a prospect – in an unguarded casual, informal moment – precisely what three words do indeed immediately spring to mind when thinking of us and our wares.

I recall many moons ago a difficult b-school task where forced to conjure such a trio for both good and bad feelings towards fellow students. It certainly got the class talking, mind you, a few home truths causing quite the odd shock but also pride glowed from objective, unexpected praise.

You could even take your current spotlight product, a new one even, and openly wonder among yourselves exactly which three words you’d aim to evoke.

And then set about making sure that they do.

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