Are You Selling Like Ecstatic Iceland Football Commentator

Today the internet is owned by an Icelandic commentator.

As his minnows – the smallest nation ever to reach a major tournament finals – scored a last kick winner to progress into the knockouts, he went wild.

Same audio below, but why bother with seeing out on to the pitch?

Wow. So Gummi Ben is an instant hero.

“We’ve just done it. We’ve just done it. We are here. It’s incredible. Welcome back.”

The only snag? They next face England. A downside that’s all In-ger-lund’s I fear. Whichever their national football symbol is (falcon, bull, eagle or dragon?) the entire rest of the world will cheer for them over the three lions.

Fans of 1980s Spitting Image will recall commentator David Coleman’s exploding head way before a middle distance final bend; “I’ve gone far far too early”.

Anyway, these pair of jingle-length clips are worth playing at your next internal sales shindig, should you have a specific issue. Namely, that you’re sellers are peaking to soon. They fire all their magic bullets out in one rapid blast. Steam runs out, competition stay the course to win.

It’s a common ailment. Particularly among the inexperienced. Those that often take-off on the rocket fuel of enthusiasm.

If you need a little less liquid hydrogen, and more a solid propulsion, then the cheeky message via Iceland is;

always leave yourself somewhere to go.

All his ammo seems spent. Where’s he got left to go after that?!

Just a smidgen kept in reserve would suffice.

And you can have a productive ten-minute round-the-room discussing what’s good to keep in your pocket for next time and what you should never reveal early at all.

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