Make Impression With Whiteboard Space Like Mensch Artist

How good are you at Whiteboarding?

Genuinely a winner? Then well done. Sadly you’re in the tiny minority.

You should never miss a chance to leave something intriguing on a prospect’s flip chart, proudly displayed for the room’s next occupants to marvel upon.

I often run sessions on how to own the sales meeting through use of the whiteboard. I’ve called the outcomes sales ‘scribbles’. As the trick is to make it look like it’s the first time you’ve ever scrawled in front of class. I even once ran with meiruka, to try and engage the American-Japanese in the sales unit.

There’s so much more to it than the mere act of daubing.

But here let’s deal with a new source of inspiration for the seller I recently happened upon. Within her frequent postings illustrator Liana Finck holds a pot of gold for any live pitch.

Set aside the actual cartoons. We don’t need to be a gallery-calibre artist to have sales impact.

Look rather at how she frames her work that’s simply words. I’ll pick just a fistful of examples. Let’s start with a simple list.

In its place, this treatment can be way more effective than a powerpoint bulleted slide. Maybe you rather fancy a stark summation in just a couple of words;

That ‘greater than’ symbol is a beaut. For framing ‘words’, lines can be truly delightful;

That one could almost be used without translation in a solution sell bid.

And how about a scale with poles apart?

Finally, can you draw lines that aren’t straight?

So, plenty of ideas. And anyone of them can help you own not only the meeting you’re in, but the next which you’re not after vacating the room.

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