Pie-Chart Meeting Wedgie Run-Throughs

One for sales management. An outfit I promised not to name have regular sessions they call pie-chart meetings. Each person in turns talks through their ‘wedge’.

They’re really about managing throughput.

The team gets together and a piechart is projected on the big screen.

A specific factor is singled out. Each member recounts what they’re doing with each ‘account’ on that aspect.

This is an interesting approach for team meetings.

My attitude towards internal sales meetings has swung all ways during my selling career.

I’ve eschewed them completely, right through to holding them weekly with a three-line whip.

Nowadays, I do like the idea of say, a regular Monday morning forum.

It only need be an hour, or 90-minute slot, tops. To highlight just one key factor for part of it is a good plan.

Whether you provide advance notice of which factor you choose is down to you and your style.  You can easily change which element you extract from time to time.

There’s plenty of aspects to select from. Brand new prospects added, funnel size. length of time on forecast, CEO as engaged contact, explicit problem acknowledgement, number of visits/calls, number of separate bids in funnel, time taken in a particular bid stage.

Whichever you choose, the idea is to home in on actions. And spread ideas to improve the state of each funnel.

Everyone should be able to talk through their own wedgie. Isolate what success should look like and you’ll easier move your team upwards for sure.

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