Is Your Next Sales Edge Exponential Leadership?

Well. I doubt it. But…

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new sales linear leadership
rebooted marketing quadratic empowerment
3.0 hr power reporting
networked finance polynomial mentoring
entrepreneurial operations rational development
oriental delivery exponential vision
retro R&D logarithmic sustainability
futureproof management parabolic* socialability

* feel free to swap out for my original entry; sinusoidal.


There’s books about it. A conference held around it. Even a “center” for it. Exponential Leadership is a currently emerging b-school fad.

The wonderfully craze-hopping named Singularity University (a term I knew as both the point inside a black hole from which nothing, not even light, can escape or when AI eclipses our humble mind and body) seem to hail this new catchphrase a replacement for disruption. Viewing “experimentation and “failing fast” as the most important practice in creating disruptive innovation”.

Other bandwagoners push the links and unlimitations of Big Data.

Either way, if you wish to grow fast (along their glorious exponential curve), then you must test, fail and learn fast.

As even the top salespeople can lose more than they win, there is a cheeky internal slide in this to progress discussions about how your optimum process needs challenging to improve and raise the collective bar.

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