Are You Selling The Two Luxuries Of Modern Life

The talking head pictured here is assessing the huge impact of the Jumbo Jet.

On its fiftieth anniversary, I enjoyed watching plaudits take off in the direction of Boeing and their 747.

Author Mark Tungate suggests that one secret to its success was that it unleashed the following;

the two luxuries of life … space and time

Travel to the other side of the world was hugely shortened. And once airborne, you could really stretch yourself out, especially in the cocktail bars upstairs in the distinctive ‘hump’.

As the Seventies dawned, well-heeled passengers happily paid to fly across continents and oceans in the iconic plane.

I took an instant like to the phrase used here.

I also wished straight away that he’d given us a third leg to an opulent tripod.

Still, it reminded me of a buying decision.

It is well known that our style of solution purchases are motivated overwhelmingly more by fear than hope.

To dangle the carrot of a lavish future alone won’t outweigh the pressing need to improve upon a current obstruction.

Yet any solution can sell a type of everyday luxury.

Once a paying customer, today’s prospect will experience a new freedom or three somewhere.

If you can find where that’ll be, then you’ll hopefully be one step ahead of any competing option.

How about as a generic example;

the reality of tomorrow’s routine can be smooth with growth

Can your prospect picture the space of lessened pressure or the time newly released to do different activities which will directly aid them? If so, hop on board it too.

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