Are You Suffering Democratic Deficit Within Your Customers?

With the latest round of European elections this week, I’ve picked up a lot of airtime on this issue. Voters are apparently massively disengaged from the Euro parliament. To the extent that less than ten percent of people can name an MEP that represents them.

This is hardly surprising. The Euro utopia – europia, if you will – once promised has veered wildly off course. Everyone signs up to ‘the single market’. Not a single person voted for the outrageous social cleansing being imposed upon the continent rendering diversity and expression now a crime. And we’re not just talking straight bananas.

Yet there is an equally shocking b2b solution sale parallel.

Calling all account management…

How many of those inside your client companies can name you? Yes, people may know the name of your product. They may even know the name of your company. But do they know your name?

I can think of a term for this.

The Deliverer Deficit

The benefits of attaining personal recognition from each and every person even remotely impacted by your supply should not be lost on any salesperson. You must be making their life easier, better in some way. How and where is what you must cover.

The flip side being if you are not, it is way more preferable to find this out yourself than wait for the oh-so sincere ‘separation letter’.

When your name appears on next year’s ‘ballot paper’ – aka budget sign-off – how likely are you truly to get the cross-in-the-box?

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