Are You Using The Power Of An Unusual Quote?

Mandela painting

South Africa had quite a long period of mourning for Nelson Mandela. The general mood around the place was to celebrate life.

I myself blogged on the wealth of his terrific quotes you could have used around the time for a Sales end in presentations.

Then I saw this quote.

Mandela quote Oct75

Wow. It stopped me in my tracks. And not just because the handwriting was gorgeous.

How often do we fall into the trap of evoking a well-known quote?

One so commonly noted, it borders on the ‘successorize’ style of blandness. Over-used and unimaginative.

Yet these Mandela words are delicious.

It shows many qualities of the man that made him who he was.

They were actually pinned to the wall of a café. So especially pertinent for their environment.

Why always stick to the obvious? The reaction to the above quote was incredible. Everyone paused when reading it. The impact struck me as so much greater than any of his others would have been (although lovely in themselves).

Is there a similar left-field one out there for your next presentation?

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