Ask The Boss


Wow. The London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. There is hope for the world yet. Beijing’s conformity and control usurped by London’s expression and exuberance. And what fun it was.

As I somehow snared some tickets myself in the lottery, I get regular emails from the ‘london2012’ site.

In the afterglow of a breathtaking start, the next day’s included a link to this cheeky pdf; Ask The Boss.

It continues the vibe of Danny Boyle.

Want some time off to watch an Olympic event? Simply fill out the form and cross those fingers. Fun and games, there’s even a section for your boss to select their response. A cracking piece of work.

Then I thought, how easy is this to adapt?!

One of the hardest parts of our selling life come when we know we must grab a non-sales resource and introduce them. A fine closing mechanism, yet when informal channels fail, those outside sales put up the barriers big time.

So how about using this as a template. Prepare in a respectful, yet playful manner, and at least the bosses on the other side of the fence will have something serious to think about.

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