The Power Of Post-Its

I ran an afternoon sales workshop for 40 people recently. And after the enormous luncheon that preceded it, I knew I needed to be on super top form.

At one stage, I asked each participant to write something on a post-it. I then took them in a break and put them on a wall to visually demonstrate a theme.

I quite liked the effect. The clusters, the highs and lows, the spread. All highlighted neatly in little square colours.

Then a couple of days later, someone who’s been flown around the world to run client workshops for Cisco told me how they like to use post-its too.

One shining example was how a client wrote all their own products out on each separate note, then plotted them on a wall in terms of deployment speed.

Apparently it alone created an entire day’s worth of conversation around their needs. Fantastic.

Sometimes we get a bit sidetracked by a small flipchart or whiteboard. Not always having the luxury of the modern trend for entire walls made of the kind of glass that acts as a wall to floor whiteboard.

Yet you can make a simple plan. As well as the spare markers you may carry in your bag, add a pack of post-its. They can work wonders in the right hands.

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