BT Salesteam Refresh

A division of global telco, BT, decided on a major overhaul of their sales team. It took two years and by the account of the person who shared this with me, the results were spectacular.

Although painful to reach.

They secretly deployed just three criteria;

last year’s performance against target

this year’s performance against target

number of new product proposals sent out

Their future was to be all about new products. Migrating from old, product-orientated stances, to new, solution savvy times.

Serious ructions occurred when top performers were shoved towards the door solely due to their reluctance to pitch the new.

I know personally how tricky it is to get a salesteam embracing new products. Here, they clearly decided they’d only concentrate on those already predisposed to give it a try. And it seems to have worked.

How would you stack up on these three?

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