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The above is an origin story paragraph as reported by London's The Times broadsheet recently.

A dynamic duo sought egg-white-only products to fill a hole they'd suffered when trying to find such like on UK retail shelves.

They had the idea, but from where could they get their product?

This reveals they managed to find out everyone who'd bought the machinery required. And ran through the list until they got their tickle.

Fifteen years on, they just enjoyed sales of £3½m yielding pre-tax profit of about £200k.

It seems a classic of the genre.

This glances by a similar flavour of the proxy metric. Where an apparently unrelated 'value' proves cover for a desirable quality you seek.

In the general Enterprise space, if you know that those buying from you also tend to already have a particular purchase in an associated (or even slightly unlinked) field, then depending on how overwhelming that linkage might be, you've a key qualification criteria right there.

Examples that unwittingly uncover hidden buyer preference from my business tech distant past range from the personal such as car driven by the chief exec, to the type of hardware (such as printer) they buy, or particular software choice they've made.

And that's before you get to explore the last piece of kit they bought for 'home'.

In my current arena - where I unlock distinctive video sales calls - this tale jolted in me the realisation that those more receptive to wanting to look at making video meetings more focused, productive and memorable would likely have one facet in common.

Namely that they choose not to use Microsoft's Teams.

This may well not be a hard and fast rule, but I know as I type, from approaching four years' experience in the 'new normal', those happier to make a video call off-Teams acknowledge to some degree that different methods can become better ones.

Whether that be an alternative platform altogether - Zoom is still happily sating a need and Google Meets continues its landgrab - or occasional usage of more spontaneous tools.

Interestingly - around my current specialism focus - when I seek to add a node to my network in the time-honoured manner, then due to proliferation of IVR barriers I can encounter gatekeepers. When they hear 'distinctive video calls' they often get triggered to respond, 'we use Teams'. As if that's an end of it. And as cold-callers will know, they mistakenly consign their company to serious underperformance through insistence they know the intimate 'needs' of colleagues and cannot, ever, let anyone 'through'.

Given this morsel, I contemplate running down a batch of attractive phone numbers. Asking only, 'what video system do you use?'

Even if only a handful of non-Teams replies follow, mightn't expending energy on those be the best route for cultivating brand new prospects?

Not to mention the telling insight possible from retrospective labelling around your opportunity base.

In any case, such a trait likely exists in your world which can 'signal' potential client affinity for your wares. Dig it out, make your matches and proceeds may well be plentiful.

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