Your Q-Star Breakthrough

Q-star, written as Q*, from the supposed hush-hush huge bound of leading ᴀɪ bot-maker, OpenAI's ChatGPT.

A startling development which, it is reported, was really behind the recent 'coup' by those supposedly, to use the nom de jour, favouring decel over e/acc. [I touched on these issues recently in the context of a major #TeamsFail & our Sales need to often blunt Decels.]

Allegedly this is the internal codename for an advance so great achieved in their labs that it speeds up the already hurtling pace of ᴀɪ towards singularity and human dystopia/utopia [take yer pick].

Examples of the power of this nascent capability include its ability to outperform previous ᴀɪ bots and actually "ace" previously tricky school maths papers.

Depending on who you seek insight from, it is variously described as a type of 'reinforcement-learning', not a model as such but a new way of ᴀɪ-ing, and supposedly able for the first time to apply genuine 'reasoning' to its output.

Whatever all this may mean for us and our daily grind, let's try and take a Sales positive. Specifically, the angle of finding something that takes our selling to a whole new level.

I myself have been in deliberately more process driven salesteams.

They do tend to produce an edge.

Sadly not always getting the underlying culture right, but that's a different tangent.

Where they truly succeed is in their constant strive to improve relative to a specifically systems yardstick.

One such that springs to mind comes from when I myself when running a fast-growing sales outfit, sought to formulise the rapid shortening of deal time.

Call this initiative D*, for Deal-Star, if you like.

Finding those ideas taking lag, delay or elapsed weeks/days/hours out of the successful sale.

In your environment, you could take for your label any initial letter or number of your key product, brand or entire operation and suffix the asterisk.

As I myself have seen, somewhere, possibly in a far-off place, an unknowingly revolutionary question, suggested action or defined activity has enabled the truncation of cycle time.

If you're not consciously looking for it, the chances of finding it are slim. Let alone being able to polish it and make count across the entire sales effort.

Make a plan and you too could gain from your own Q*, no coup required.

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