Bar Chart Option To Give You Locomotion


I could hardly believe my eyes. Walking past an English rail terminus, a full-blown presentation slide!

Bar graphs are as tired as the dear old pie. I’ve blogged on these countless times in my presentation category.

Yet here is a technique that can add vital deal-edging memorability to almost any data slide.

All you need first, is think of an image that relates to the type of values you are representing. What would your (or more importantly, your audience’s) ‘train’ be?

Then you’ll need to dust down your computer skills. Find an icon online. Be able to edit it. Recolour them. And pop them into your slidedeck producer of choice.

For my Instagram illumination, I chose a simple spanner. Fine if you sell to any maker of widgetry or maintenance and repair outfit. Other options abound.

Just a few minutes extra effort and your bar chart can indeed set both your figures and pitch apart.

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