Which Of These 17 Types Of Buyer Is Your Preferred Prospect?

In a matter of a few days a second piece of consumer PR perked my solution sale ears.

Last time it was change-aversion from tea drinking, this time the different types of shopper. According to voucher website research, there are seven;

Old faithful – Impulse buyer – High-end fashionista – Returner – Bargain hunter – Researcher – Negotiator

I note that the same firm recently tried some festive PR too.

They identified 10 types of Christmas shopper back then;

Done by September – Last-Minute Grabber – Online Whizzkid – Voucher Copout – Re-Gifter – Bargain-Hunter – Elephant – Gift-Wrapper – Bohemian – Maker

What struck me about these, is how often I’ve asked company leadership if they know their sweet spot. Only to find they’ll say yes, but go on to list solely functional fit traits.

It’s a classic demographic over psychographic muddle. And a common failing of salesteams with both their process alignment and refinement.

Yes, your treasured possible ‘lead’ may have an optimum set of qualification criteria about where it could deploy your wonders. But does it have the required mindset around why they’ll do so?

Imagine by way of example trying to foist a gift onto a ‘Done by September’ on Christmas Eve. It’s reminiscent of spending a ton of effort offering end-of-year discounts to those hopefully desperate to allocate all their ‘spare’ budget so they get it again in full next year, only to find out too late that they’re in total control of their pot so there’s no excess nor any chance of an extra sale being made.

You must also realise which buyer types exist in your domain so as to know which is more willing to hear you out. In another example, think similar manner to understanding the ‘adoption curve’ preachings of better to pitch new products first at the visionaries. Then why would you let yourself waste time and promote something trailblazing to a load of ‘old faithfuls’?

What different states of your buyer’s mind exists? Which is your ideal one to find? How certain are you that your targeted prospects exhibit this right thinking to listen then buy?

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