Transcendence Which Elevates Your Territory Success

transcendence trailer2 400x160

Transcendence is a movie I’ve not seen. Though I have read the odd review. And was glad to catch its trailer.

I was delighted to spy a glimpse of what could be a good old case wall.

The kind of visual so beloved of on-screen detectives that I’ve blogged on already a fair few times. (Most recently via TV’s Luther). Mainly because I rail against the traditional, boring and wholly unhelpful decoration the typical corporate cubicle suffers in Salesland.

Whether it be conjuring images for a single deal in the fashion of a crimehunter’s case, or the kinds of focus you need throughout your patch, pretty much every sales person will have some form of wall real estate upon which to pin paper.

Use this canvas wisely. Take a leaf out of Hollywood’s book. And plaster it with imagery that shows where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Such visuals must be bereft of general corporate babble, and be bespoke to each individual you’re setting out to help and problem it’s your mission to eliminate.

This will not only set you apart, it will become your work of art celebrating quota-busting achievements.

transcendence 2x1 400sq

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