Battlefield Maths Multiplier

There's so many a tweet I could have picked from the numbers of Putin's atrocity of declaring war on Ukraine.

This one above, I read via the fascinating feed of a former US Marine and current PhD student at King's College London, focused on Russian defence policy.

Apart from the clear fact that the Russian invaders are not winning the war - and are shockingly resorting to war crimes such as bombing nuclear power plants, shelling civilian areas and even sending a missile to destroy a working maternity hospital - a long fortnight in, their military personnel loses are mounting.

Five to six thousand killed.

Yet how about the wounded?

"standard battlefield math [sic] assumes 3x as many wounded as killed"

As a hopeful aside, the Romans used to believe that to incapacitate one-in-ten of an 'enemy' army was to render them beaten. Hence the term we now use to signify a beating from which there's no return; 'decimate'. The Russian loses seemingly closing in on breaching this very tipping point...

Always keen to learn about a rule of thumb that can be applied from other fields into solution selling. Yet the harrowing context of this particular factor of increase does make you shudder.

I wonder whether it can be applied to such disciplines as 'quality'. Does a specific 'defect' amount also have ramifications for failures that will occur after a product has been delivered?

Within our Sales arena, is your number of 'lost' bids capable of being multiplied to judge an overall impact on productivity?

And thinking of prospect-side, is an amount of people that are affected by a malaise that you can remedy, typically a bigger number than you can see? As a certain greater figure would be presently hidden from view alongside the one(s) of which you know, downstream and up.

For instance. Given one person you know has the issue you resolve, can you also say that 3x as many will be having their workflows disrupted in all manner of negative ways?

If so, then surely our task is to find them.

And make sure that we both know the amplification effect number, then can apply our special kind of 'field hospital' treatment.

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