Old School Work Check Grade A Zooming

The geek in me loves screen-sharing, annotating multi-access docs and using apps such as online whiteboarding.

Yet I constantly find myself urging those in video meetings to mix it up a little bit.

I was privy to a meeting with around a dozen attendees.

The 'host' was in effect, checking output across those assembled.

A trio with kind of worst-case, best-case, and most-likely case being presented for subsequent assessment.

The call was also hybrid in nature.

The majority of participants being in the same physical space.

Although crucially, the host was among those Remote.

One after another, the three scenarios were displayed.

All via screen-share.

Then, the turn came of the last to go.

No screen share for her.

She instead picked up physical printouts, pictures and handwritten sheets.

Now standing up, showed them to the webcam.

The demeanour of the host visibly changed.

Engaged. Smiling. Relieved, I sensed, at the touch of humanity in a field of the 'virtuality'.

No prizes for guessing whose work stood out, got talked about, and was later most remembered.

Once in a while, you too can enjoy the same.

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