Become A Plausible Sales Manager

One for sales managers. Current or aspiring.

Courtesy of listening idly to a panel of journos deliver their pub-talk verdict on the latest Premier League managerial merry-go-round rumours.

It seems that whenever a new “head coach” appears before the press – on top of the inevitable influence of “track record” or “results”, the media make a ‘plausibility’ call. Their path duly smoothed or smothered according to how they rank on the following trio;

Do they really understand the game?
How do they assess a player?
What are their values?

On this scale the hacks judge their new muse and decide whether they’ll be partner or prey.

I find it spooky how these can translate into sales management.

Do you truly understand selling?
How do you assess a salesperson?
What are your core Sales values?

Variants on each exist too.

Whether going for an interview or addressing a new team (or current one at a new year), framing your story this way could well prove the difference between you too becoming partner or prey.

Mark your plausibility. Stamp it early.

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