Petro Presentation Scores Second Big Hit In A Fortnight


Who is Selling’s favourite world leader right now?

Surely it’s Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko.

So just a couple of weeks ago he was busy in Davos.

He stole the headlines at the swanky Swiss ski resort’s annual World Economic Forum.

As I blogged at the time, parading a piece of bus wreckage to prove Russian direction of his country’s eastern civil war was a masterstroke.

This weekend he was at it again. At the Munich Security Conference.

Another cracking example of this tactic.


This time, the proof of Putin’s pudding were the army IDs and passports of captured rebels. All Russian.

Glorious images. And liberally plastered across world media all weekend long.

A terrific use-of-prop sales presentation steer from Mr Poroshenko.

How will you do a Petro?


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