Become A Selling Gazelle


An official definition.

Gazelle – a high growth business less than five years old

You can blur edges by playing with what constitutes high growth, or what determines the precise five-year span, but the fact is as august a body as the OECD have profiled the central player of this phenomenon. They are a very small, elite band, representing the most spectacular levels of growth that fuels entire industries, economies even. They receive recognition in policy influence.

Here’s a question. What’s your personal sales growth over the past five years?

And another. If you’ve been in your current role, on your present patch, for less than five years, how’s growth been?

However you measure growth (profit, revenue, clients) can you show the kind of peer-pipping progress that identifies a gazelle? There’s even a category known as super-gazelles. How close to that are you?

Can you make a plan to achieve gazelle status? If you did, how do you think your boss would take it? Or your customers? What chance the kind of special help so precious yet notoriously elusive in salespace?

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