Big Picture Wordle

I came across this image in reference to what the creators saw as a disastrous Copenhagen cimate change summit. There’s just over a hundred words highlighted here.

copenhagen wordle

I was immediately smitten. What a brilliant idea. Surely you must be able to deploy something similar on a sale. The most obvious example would be as a cool presentation slide. There’s also merit in a proposal page, maybe even as a title sheet.

In terms of a slide, all sorts of actions could be used to draw attention to particular threads, or create motion by pasting say huge white-fonted slogans across the entire piece.

Either way, how tricky can it be to sit down with Powerpoint and play around with a few dozen words to create a similar bang? If this sounds tedious, the slightest of further surfing uncovered plenty of sites that create these marvels for you. Your all-new favourite presentation tool. The daddy appears to be wordle. I played around with several, and here’s a couple of productions from an alternative (as recommended by wordle’s founder now that he’s got a job inside google), tagxedo.

The first uses words I’ve written on salespodder, the second, a list of random sales-related words I typed up in a jif myself. Hours of endless fun await your first use in the field, I promise. And the impact really could be special too.



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