Board Meeting Gold Scammer Help Graphic

We’ve all been there. We’re trying to close a deal. Then we get our contact saying something like, ‘it will not be easy to convince my company…’.

This was the obstacle faced by comedian James Veitch. As recounted in his 9min 2016 Ted talk; This is what happens when you reply to spam email.

He was trying to gain commitment for working on a larger shipment of gold. Undeterred, he zapped back this reply to the criminal, calling themselves Solomon;

Quite brilliantly, his next email read;

Attached to this email you’ll find a helpful chart.
I had one of my assistants run the numbers and I’ve discovered an undeniable correlation.
I think it’s clear that we should be shipping as much gold as possible.

With this as his suggested Board Meeting visual aid;

Has your prospect up to now possibly missed out on seeing such an undeniable correlation in their world?

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