Project Tracking of My Octopus Teacher

In places mesmeric documentary, My Octopus Teacher is the first Netflix S African offering.

Stunning underwater visuals from the kelp forest that hugs the Western Cape coast. With a remarkable tale of companionship told.

The Simon’s Town natural history cameraman narrates his fascinating piece of film-making.

Showing us the map (above) which he created to chart the titular cephalopod’s location.

His detective work included examining predation marks, egg casings and seabed imprint tracking.

He kept and logged many of the physical exhibits. Such as this shell.

Marvelling at the incredible geometry deployed to calculate the precise spot to drill into (the tiny hole, fourth spiral from the apex) to maximise inserting venom and incapacitate the prey inside.

A wall became a gallery for his project’s visual spread.

Several columns wide. Each showing a separate facet of his plan and discovery.

Many of the thumbnails revealing completely new areas of learning. And not just to him. Some new to science itself.

To see what outcome this diligence produced, you’ll need to watch the doc.

As far as Sales goes, you have to admire this approach.

I am big into the visualisation of your selling process. Both overall and componentry.

The diver drew out a map. He gathered actual artefacts. And displayed key elements in a way which strikingly projects telling information, patterns and even gaps.

Just about every salesperson I meet in their cubicle I inevitably introduce to this style of thinking.

Combining being a meezer, having visuals other than corporate posters pinned up, and setting your workspace up to power your process through what you display.

How close is your space to this best-practice?

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