Boiler Room Bank Warning

bank-boiler-room-warning-letterHere’s a letter someone I know recently received from their bank. A huge global finance institution. And therefore one to be hated by just about everyone for their greed, deceit and arrogance.

So, boiler room outfits are evil, unscrupulous thieves.

And they are happy to stalk their prey for months.

Quite alarming is the stat that the average scam steals £20,000.

My hazy quick pic above may not be the easiest to read, so here’s their bottom line;

Remember, as a general rule, if an opportunity sounds to good to be true, then it almost certainly is

So in this scam we see two threads combine.

By association, cold-callers are bad. How can you get around that? Simple, Don’t pitch like a Euro-con. Only ask questions. Talk about just business situations. And start a conversation.

Also, don’t promise the earth. Focus perhaps on the little things you enable first, rather than miraculously turning muck into brass.

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