Borrowing High Impact Turns Of Public Phrase

The land of my birth this week witnessed all sorts of political game playing. Around divorcing. Or perhaps more, the conscious uncoupling.

During these rampant discussions surrounding separations, I noted a trio of soundbites got repeated plays on national media.

First up, from a talking head that wished to point out;

there’s always facts, but more than one way to interpret them

Then the minister in charge of cutting Bruxellian chains sought collaboration;

it is not the ends that we disagree on, but the means

Before the PM herself evoked;

tunnel vision

Described as “deeply regrettable”. In the sense that “this is not a game”.

They reminded me that, just as top salespeople keep a hardcoded log of winning lines (whether in response to a given situation, pitching or objection handling), seasoned buyers do similar.

My own grey matter instantly retrieved a most disarming line I’ve used to full affect after once watching an episode of (don’t judge me) CSI. ‘My heart’s with you, but let’s think about the head…’

Here’s a threesome worthy of selling note. Especially when negotiating. That most Sales of offshoots that goes criminally un-tended.

Every now and then you catch a turn of phrase that you maybe subconsciously add to your sales lexicon. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one I’ll be shortly harvesting from here.

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