Bounce Rate

I learned of this fruity phrase reading about someone with an impenetrable job title at Google; Uber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness. Incredible.

His bounce rate refers to how many people leave a page within five seconds of arrival.

When it came to their advance search settings, ‘moving all the scary stuff elsewhere’ apparently halved the bounce rate.

This concept tickled me. We in Sales have something similar. It’s when we find someone at the very brim of the mouth of our funnel. If we have lots of first contacts, yet a threadbare pipeline, typically from way fewer second meeet-ups, we experience the dreaded high burn rate.

It struck me that we, just like Google, can reduce our burn rate by ‘moving all the scary stuff elsewhere’.

And what is such scary stuff? Bad qualification, not knowing our own sweet spot, ineffective pitching, and a lack of understanding the prospect real needs.

Seen especially from the potential buyer’s viewpoint, a salesperson not exhibiting such alignment is indeed scary. Which induces fear and prevents a sales cycle developing.

First off, do you know your burn rate? And if you do, can you take the steps to lessen yours?

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