Listen To Great Music

It’s proving difficult to cope. Driving ’round England, the moments not on the phone are prone to make you scream in frustration. There was a reason I started to use the train a lot. I remember now. The radio here sucks.

Clenching my teeth, I listened to an interview with a chap who’d written a book examining how the stellar rockstars of yesteryear conjured their magic. It revelled in the title, All the Madmen: Barrett, Bowie, Drake, the Floyd, The Kinks, The Who and the Journey to the Dark Side of English Rock.

What was going on in their environment at the time to foster such prodigous talent? Drugs, depression, hope, hopelessness?

Turns out, the author’s conclusion was that the best way to guarantee you create great music, was by listening to great music yourself.

Possibly not the most blinding of insight, I grant you.

Yet there is something in this in any sphere of the creative arts. And in Selling, we have to be creative everyday. In our application of the science.

Leaving that philosphical mind-twister to one side, if greatness can rub off on you by some sort of aural osmosis, then surely it pays to increase your chances of superstardom by being close to those already on that plane.

In which case, who are you rubbing shoulders with most days? An acknowledged genius seller, or anyone and everyone else among the ne’er do wells?

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