Bright Lawn Sizzle

A borehole salesperson in a drought ravaged town shared with me their favourite, as they put it, ‘sizzle over sausage’ line.

They’d learned to check out the state of the prospect garden. It would be singed. But where tell-tale signs revealed a keen horticultural pride then, rather than labour on all the technicals and the self-sustaining angle, they would instead simply say;

…imagine your luscious green lawn…

Every time the potential buyer could picture that in their mind, they believed they won the sale.

And seeing their borehole-driven sprinkler systems in action you can see why.

Some retail items, not just big-ticket ones as in this case, can lend solution selling a tip.

Here, forget the impact of reducing sky-high water bills, but instead choose to evoke the hosepipe ban, and your prospect lights up.

We too have the obvious sausage, and the perhaps neglected sizzle. Got yours the best way ’round?

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