Bun Bun Bun


Here’s a current American burger chain ad.

I note it first for its attack on their biggest competitor.

I never like this approach.

Whether in advertising or selling, to knock the competition so openly and blatantly seldom succeeds in my view.

I’m reminded of the classic We Try Harder campaign that saw industry number two Avis gain ground on longtime car rental leader Hertz.

That’s the way to do it.

Still, I did admire the set dressing of the above McBoredroom.

Even down to the motivational poster.

“The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become”
Ben Herbster

Not to mention the burger-themed trophies, dusty yellow mugs and deliberately grey haze.

Yet my top Sales interest was from the swivelling whiteboard.

Here’s an action screenshot of an arrow being drawn. Which I have filtered brighter.

The presenter then follows up with a helpful pointing to each ‘bun’.

It is a product. Yes, in this case a physical one that you can touch. And also not a service, granted.

But the point is that you can draw pretty much anything if you put your mind to it.

Not a photo, nor a glossy mock-up, but a scribbled representation.

Then pick out the sizzle. Or as in this mocking case, ‘bun’.

You’ve then got to also chuckle at the team being so fired up, that they join in the refrain.

🎵 bun, bun, bun …

Still, from jest we can get winning insight.

What can you draw? What can you pick out? And what is your ‘bun, bun, bun’?

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