Trait Representations By Line

This is from a drawing class given by an artist called Bettina.

Her instruction was to use pencil lines to convey the state labelling each cell.

Dashes, dots or smudges all allowed.

Every person brings their own, different emotion to any line.

I believe this particular task was meant to be a fairly quickfire round.

The less thinking time, the better.

Swift results leading to student reflections on how lines can portray traits.

Which made me wonder how such an idea might apply in our Sales setting.

For internal meets, I love these kinds of exercises.

Not so much outside-the-box, but from a place with completely different sky colour than blue.

The jolt from the normal businessy items can make for a lasting impression and serious learning.

Have you a half-dozen scenarios at play in your selling world?

Especially from your prospect’s angle.

Are they chasing a market-dominating force?

Trying to innovate their way forward?

Perhaps about to undergo a transformation, turnaround or sharpbending of their approach and organisation?

Or is there a hurdle to overcome?

A word that represents this glitch; downtime, delay, deviation?

Or an aspiration?

A solution, momentum, success?

What do these look like for your team members?

And what does the array of lines let sink in around them?

You could even vote or highlight ones considered good.

Become a stamp or icon for a push in that name.

Why not share with prospects?

If you’ve a couple of champion-style personalities buyer-side, then when collaborating on a slide deck, why not ‘play the game’ together?

Nothing wrong in seeking their help for a holding or sectional title slide in this way, provided you choose your ‘students’ wisely.

And for just five minutes of a break in a meeting (video or in-person) it could be quite a way to set you apart from competing alternatives too.

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