Different Perspective Meme Slide of Clever Techie

The cuddly toy mobile the parents see is cute smiley faces.

The baby though, gets a whole less appealing view.

Parents blissfully unaware.

A techie in so deep they bought crypto in its earliest of days, had to give a presentation on direction.

They do not like slidedecks. In fact, even on the day recently they shared this image with me, they’d just seen a slide over a zoom meeting with what seemed like ‘twenty bullet points’.

They put up this single cartoon.

The message being, ‘have we got our client angle?’

The rest of the meeting addressed this and was evidently productive.

Viewpoints and their vagaries are so often overlooked.

What the other party in any transaction, any persuasion, any sale is thinking can easily go unconsidered.

The feature you adjudge game changing, for them registers just a shrug of meh.

The remedy you passionately propose, inside their minds raises not grateful relief, but uncomfortable questions.

Whether you have truly sought, uncovered and tested the prospect viewpoint being a lens that should be used for any funnel and qualification exercise.

In this meme’s case [& note its difference to the gorilla of the genre, the ketchup bottle], you can swap out the labels UI & UX to suit your Sales situation.

Not just internally, but perhaps even share with your prospect informally. Check where they may lay. What is their view?

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