UK Covid19 Stats Data Cards

The relentless roll-out of coronavirus vaccines across the UK continues to stun the world.

Three months in over two-in-five adults have received the first of their two jabs.

Live data shows this astonishing march in basic charting.

Various agencies give daily updates. Infections, deaths, inoculations.

These types of information can often inform how we might wish to present data and messaging on a slidedeck of our own.

Up top, the umbrella health body looks at the here and now. With its odd yet interesting alignment and borders branding.

Below, is a reminder of totals and recent comparison. Again with unusual colour highlight, central ‘logo’ imagery and strapline footer.

Finally, the government department singles out first dose tally.

A photo of the act mid-needle, with colour-wash filter on top. Headline, number, date.

A trio of ideas for similar slides in our selling drive too.

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