Buyer Makes Their Point

Here’s a delightful insight into how buyers think. They too have to ‘sell’. Ideas, new ways of doing things, and sometimes they even have to pitch our proposals in our absence. How do they fare?


Well, it seems there’s a simple mnemonic they can use; POINT.

Preparation – One page only – Interesting – Newsworthy – Three (as in, frame in 3s)

What’s more, the first ‘P’ is not only vital, it’s also the one thing that’s so devastatingly often overlooked; preparation. And just for good measure, it itself contains another mnemo’ – Point / Reason / Example / Point; PREP.

I gather that this initial pointer is also promoted by media trainers of politicians. So if it can make them sound more authoritative and trustworthy, then there’s surely merit in assessing responses to standard questions you may hear in the same context.

If you’re also taxing your grey matter with how to re-energise sales of a particular item, or even a brand new one, it’s a worthwhile exercise to take half-an-hour and apply this structure to its pitch, and see what good things emerge afresh.

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