Buying Relationship Archetypes

More clickbait this month for the sofa psychs. This time, specifically not a scientific classification, from a Kiwi practitioner.

Insights into relationship behaviour, rather than how we connect with another, from experience alone, boiled down into this octet;

Avoider Pleaser Worrier Anchor Controller Supporter Soloist Chameleon

They’re pleasingly self-explanatory. The question which perks the Sales antenna is, how might such apply to buyers?

Down the years I’ve heard many such label applied to individuals buying.

A few, positive. Such as pet, focused, expressive.

Many more though, negative. Often through animals (snake, bear, dog). Others citing themes (politician, emperor, dodger).

Strangely, only a handful use the language of true political mapping.

I wish more did so.

You are faced with different categories of buyers. Financial, User, Commercial, Technical. With different levers; influencer and decision maker. Raw behaviour tags also exist.

Yet you can apply your own. Especially relative to your own, sustainable, process.

The most commonplace perhaps the label of ‘champion’. Your key supporter. With skin in the game and a degree of clout. Depending on your choice of guru, similar labels include; coach, power sponsor, even fox.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s those either in the pocket of an alternative option, or glued to the status quo.

Occupying notches in between, all manner of those minded to view unfavourably through to favourably your proposal. Those helpful, and those who hinder.

Cynic, conformist, investigator, swayable.

Which one most hampers your plans? And how do you generate the presence of those most likely to provide victory through genuine partnership and backing?

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