Call Now For Your No Obligation Free Chat

We all know this kind of strap.

Such CTAs have a pretty bad rep.

‘No salesperson will call’.

So it was with much relief I came across this noticeably different website contact ‘call to arms’;

Unsure? CLICK HERE to book a FREE telephone chemistry call to see how we can work together.

I remember the point in my own career when I switched from saying pretty much, ‘I don’t know how yet, but I do know I can help you’, to, ‘well, we may not enjoy a fit and might have to part as friends, but let’s see…’.

In later years, I would also use phrasing such as looking at whether the prospect and I might be ‘kindred spirits’. All aimed at setting a cultural snugness between us. To underpin whether how they wished to travel is where I could help.

I like the ‘chemistry’ angle used above.

I myself have used the same wording. ‘Let’s see if we could work together’.

One treasured sales close memory comes from a blue-chip buyer greeting me with open arms, and smiling wide, said, ‘let’s do business!’

Other terms might also work.

Will we gel? Are we on the same wavelength? Or maybe the more formal biology angle, have we symbiosis?

The cited phrase comes from a freelance one-on-one coach. Yet applies equally to any potential ‘solution’ purchase relationship.

How does your buyer sense your chemistry?

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