Body Language Reconnect Unlike Health Boss

Get Your Hands Out Of Your Pockets.

It is not cool.

It is slovenly.

It betrays how you might really think about what you’re on stage pitching, or worse, the assembled throng listening. And is such poor etiquette too.

The number of presenters – crazily paid ones too – I see put, and keep, their hand(s) in their pockets when presenting is scary.

Can you get bigger ticket than the head of the world’s largest non-military employer?

He’s on the right above.

Hands in pockets.

1.4million people under his command.

Here at the remarkable Downing Street press conference heralding the planet’s first covid vaccine approval.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson alongside in the middle.

I heard a body language teacher bemoan his pose.

For a long while he kept his left hand glued away.

It was disconcertingly incongruent. Left hand in left pocket whilst right hand air punches. Visually confusing any messaging desired.

Such disconnect gets picked up on.

Even more so in this case, when the broadcast words of optimism were not matched by the face.

Such feigned nonchalance apparently perhaps from mimicking doctors, as that’s how they like to stand. which is also bad.

The fascinating insider reveal was that when it comes to such politicians being media trained, the more they have, the worse they get. They can easily come across as masking real emotions as training mounts up. Any trace of what’s authentic deleted and turned into something they’re not.

Hand expression can be a welcome addition when in front of an audience, without being like a marshaller helping a plane park up.

If you are trying to be in any way inspiring, and hoping someone will buy comes into this category, people need to see both your hands.

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